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Hi I'm Jack Theobald, a digital designer based in Leicester, United Kingdom. I have 5+ years experience designing all things digital, with a solid expertise in a wide range of design disciplines, from UI to product to brand.

I work with a diverse selection of clients from small start-ups to established companies and organisations; delivering bespoke solutions rooted in usability, creativity, aesthetics and craft.

● Brand Identity
● Art Direction
● Digital Design
● Web Design
● Web Development

● Product Design
● App Design
● Illustration
● Animation
● Editoral Design

Raspberry Pi, Mitsubishi, Network Rail, Primark, Bionical, BuildScan, Jimmy’s, Render, u-earn, GEEIQ, eduspot.

Good results come from close collaborations, joint ambitions and mutual respect. With a dedicated approach to each task at hand I use design to make a positive impact – for my customers and our shared surroundings.

Sometimes a project might require other expertise and I am well connected with people specialising in development/engineering, copy-writing, photography, film-making etc... If I’m not the right person for your project, I’ll do my best to introduce you to someone who can help.

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