BuildScan is a construction quality assurance and task management application. The cross-platform solution allows construction sites across the world to integrate a streamlined and efficient system into their operations.


Visual identity, UI/UX design, website design, illustration, social content.

Early logo concepts

Starting out as an product design request, BuildScan expanded the project entrusting the development of the brand, web and social presence. Ensuring the creation of an identity that is streamlined throughout all of BuildScan's assets and platforms.

Final Outcome

"The BuildScan Identity convey's the companies design approach, linking platform customisation with unrivalled support."

Mobile Application

After checking out Jack's previous projects and speaking to his clients I knew we wanted to get him involved with our project. His role went beyond designing our app and website. He also studied the industry, competitors and the suitable angle to take with UI and UX. Jack pushed forward recommendations and helped us design a well rounded product that catered accurately to our target audience whilst also ensuring we had allowed for future growth of the product.

- Harry Yates, Founder & CEO of BuildScan

Tablet Application

Social Examples

Web Application

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