MacLean Wellness

Identity and website design for MacLean Wellness, performance and coaching experts dedicated to providing the best and most unique training and wellness experience in England’s, East Midlands.


Visual identity, website design, social content.

MacLean Wellness has pushed the boundaries of movement, nutrition, and regeneration. MW aims to help people move correctly & give them the tools to look after their own bodies. These goals are parallel across their services; physical training, strength & conditioning, wellbeing retreats, and solo and group coaching.

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We defined MW's audience as those who are constantly striving to be better than who they were yesterday. It’s through this pursuit that they are led to opposing extremes: Determination and mitigation. Exuberance and absence. With this insight MacLean Wellness strives to provide a place to relax & recharge for fast-paced professionals, with the focus and drive to make their client’s experience as enjoyable & effective as possible.

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