U-earn is a dedicated technology company focused on putting the consumer back in control of their personal information, whilst delivering valuable user rewards.


Visual identity, UI/UX design, website design, illustration.

Early logo concepts

To some the idea of selling your personal information is daunting, never mind it’s already being sold without your knowledge. As a new start-up u-earn approached me to create a brand, platform, web and social presence to share their vision across the nation and beyond. U-earn speaks in an approachable tone, using pleasant colours and personable illustrations, all aimed towards informing and helping their customers.

Digital Development

u-earn platform

My aim wasn't to just make personal information “less scary.” But make it more engaging and approachable. From there, I worked closely with u-earn to hone their vision, strategy, language, design, and voice.


I can’t overstate enough how much value you've added. I really appreciate the hard work on this project - it's only the beginning of u-earn.

- Mark Morgan, Founder & CEO of u-earn

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